Frames can become worn and cracks in the finish may appear which can cause the frame and artwork to be at risk from further accidental damage.

Antique picture frames often have complex ornate surfaces which collect dust and other surface contaminants such as soot from open fires and candles. We can remove these by surface cleaning.

We can repair cracks by filling and stabilising. For decorative areas that have been broken or lost, we can remould or carve with specialist materials such as gesso, wood and coloured clay. These filled areas can then be colour matched and patinated to complement the surrounding frame. Alternatively, we can supply new frames to suit the age and style of your artwork.

Whether aged, tarnished, or damaged, careful picture frame restoration will provide the necessary structural support your artwork needs and will complement it well aesthetically


Our gilt frame restoration team specialise in the conservation and restoration of frames, ceilings, architectural features, furniture and sculptures.

The centuries-old process of applying 23.5 carat gold or silver leaf to lost and damaged areas or the entire surface. The finish can then be aged and patinated to match the original finish.


Old picture frames often contain backing and mount boards that have a high level of acid. This acid transfers from the boards to the artwork causing it to discolour and degrade. The materials can be safely removed in the studio and replaced with acid-free conservation grade boards that protect the artwork and prevent any further damage.

Broken and missing glass can be replaced with UV glass, Tru Vue Museum Glass ®, or for historical integrity traditional crown glass can be provided.

Replacement of Inappropriate Materials on a Frame
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  1. Help! my frame has missing parts, can it be fixed?

    Yes, our frame conservators can remould or carve the missing parts and match in with the existing finish seamlessly.

  2. Can woodworm damage be repaired?

    Of course, we can treat the woodworm to prevent further damage then fill and retouch the damaged areas.

  3. I've dropped my painting and the frame is split, can it be fixed?

    Yes, the corners often bear the brunt of the damage when a picture is dropped. We can repair the corners if they have become cracked or split, re-adhere any broken off pieces and retouch the finish so that no one can spot the damage it has received.

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