As a hotel with a unique collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture and specialist items, you may require a tailored hotel artwork restoration service which takes into account the specific needs of each material and individual artwork. This is where our multidisciplinary team at Fine Art Restoration Company comes in, offering everything from museum levels of conservation and restoration of fine art and more, through to new framing and skilled logistics services.

Mandarin OrientalAbove: a watercolour from the Mandarin Oriental which was restored by our team following staining and deterioration from a fire

This article will cover some of the many areas in which our conservators and administrative team can assist your hotel in the maintenance of sensitive and valuable items, beyond the scope of a regular cleaning staff who may not be qualified to handle fine art or unusual materials.

Above: a view of our studio in Cumbria featuring our easel painting and frame conservators

Maintaining artistic impact for guests

We know that the impact of an artwork collection will be significant to your guests, who will enjoy the curated experience of your hotel as part of their stay. This is why we encourage the routine conservation of artworks to ensure they remain in their very best condition.

Black frame painting restorationAbove: a painting which has discoloured due to age and environment with a partially damaged frame – before and after restoration by our team

Our team is composed of conservators from a variety of backgrounds, including easel paintings, paper, furniture, metals, textiles, ceramics and decorative arts. Their training and experience has an aim of both ensuring the safety of an artwork, whilst allowing it to be presented in its best condition, as intended by the artist with historic accuracy.

Collaborative ConservatorsAbove: our conservators collaborating for the expert restoration of modern and antique paintings

As we have experts in so many disciplines, large and diverse collections can be restored simultaneously or in a tailored timeframe as required. Our administrative team is experienced in project management and will work with you to achieve the most convenient timing for your guests and business.

Guy Taplin London RestorationAbove: a sculpture by Guy Taplin with accidental damage to the neck and wing – before and after restoration by our ceramics conservator

Swift & discrete response following accidents or disasters

As well as routine care, our team also offers a professional disaster response service following any form of accidental damage or environmental disturbance to an artwork or wider collection, including leaks, floods and fires. We understand that it is highly important to provide a calm and professional response to such damages, which is why our conservators and project management team will ensure that our response is handled in a timely and discrete manner.

Burnt Painting RestorationAbove: a severely burnt painting which was restored by our specialist conservators following fire damage

The most common form of damage to hotel collections is through accidental blemishes, stains or breakages from guests, maintenance staff, or builders. The vast majority of damage can be repaired by our highly trained conservators with a seamless and conservation-appropriate restoration using tailored methods and techniques.

Oil Painting Mandarin Oriental FrameAbove: an important portrait restored for the Mandarin Oriental following a fire, which also received a new bespoke frame to give the best impact for guests

In the past our team has repaired damage following torn canvases, artwork which has been cleaned to the point of severe disturbance by inappropriate techniques or chemicals, ceramics or sculptures broken into several pieces, frames with missing areas or lacking stability after falling from height, as well as many other complex accidents which can occur day to day.

Above: our conservator restoring a flaking painting using the original fragments which have fallen away

Our hotel artwork restoration team can offer advice on how best to avoid accidental damage in the future, as well as services such as professional storage and transportation in times where accidents are more likely to occur – such as renovations and more intense cleaning periods. Following common disasters such as leaks from the ceiling or ground, our staff can also professionally remove all manner of valuable items to allow them the best chance of survival before restoration takes place.

Escape of waterAbove: a painting which was damaged by an escape of after after a leak occurred in the ceiling – before and after restoration by our conservator

When accidents and disasters involve insurance coverage, our administrative staff are also well versed in helping to navigate complex circumstances and claims. Simply speak to a member of our team on how we can help you to achieve the best outcome following any level of damage to your hotel’s collection of artwork, furniture or specialist items.

Paper Engraving Landscape RestorationAbove: an engraving of a landscape which has foxing and signs of moisture damage – before and after restoration by our ICON accredited paper conservator

Storage and logistics during renovations

Removal requirements for renovation or maintenance work can be a delicate task when dealing with unique and valuable artworks and items. Everyday removal and storage companies may not be familiar with art handling, which is why we offer a service which covers both the conservation of important contents, as well as their safe transportation and safekeeping during periods of upheaval.

Ruth Cleaning TestAbove: oil paintings can be professionally cleaned and cared for whilst in storage during renovations or rearrangements of hotel interiors

Maintenance work and renovations can be a high risk time for hotel collections, as materials can be affected by a wide variety of environmental contamination such as dust and debris, as well as facing accidental damage when they are taken down from their usual locations. Our team offers advice on all aspects of protecting artworks in this position, from how to ensure the risk of damage is reduced, through to professionally removing and reinstalling items of importance with professional standards.

Above: unstable paintings which are at high risk of deterioration can also be cared for with consolidation techniques, such as this careful application of heat treatment

Bespoke framing with conservation in mind

Our team offers a vast range of framing options to suit both the aesthetic quality of your hotel and the safety of your artworks. Our framing team has museum-level standards, ensuring that all paintings or documents on display are kept in their very best condition over time, including UV protective glass and acid-free mounts. This may be especially important for vulnerable artworks such as works on paper which are prone to fading, foxing and acidic decay over time.

New Framing ExamplesAbove: a wide selection of frames are available to suit every style for your unique interior design 

Frames include everything from modern and contemporary designs through to traditional baroque and wooden options. These can be made to order for a wide range of artworks, at any quantity which is required for your hotel. This can include safe and easy installation options to avoid any accidental damage in the future, whilst still in keeping with your interior. Bespoke framing should also be considered large or unusually shaped artworks which require a custom installation method, tailored by our experienced technicians for the safety of the artwork and the wall it is placed upon.

Above: gilding can also be reapplied by our specialists to frames which require rejuvenation 

How can we help your hotel?

If you have a hotel collection of artwork, furniture, decorative objects or specialist items, we can help you to maintain them to the highest standards. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team, who will be happy to advise and answer any questions.

To make contact regarding hotel artwork restoration please email us via [email protected] or call 0207 112 7576

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