Conservation projects for historic buildings are often multi-faceted with internal and external artworks and items requiring expert care from conservators who specialise in their field. When a project involves multiple conservation concerns beyond the remit of your architectural work, our team can offer swift and professional advice, treatment, or storage for the many types of antiques and historically important items you may encounter. 

Cleaning CeilingAbove: our team cleaning a fresco which has been contaminated with decades worth of smoke and nicotine

This includes a wide variety of specialisms, including:

Our team has worked on collaborative conservation projects including those in school and ecclesiastical environments, featuring Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire and St Mary’s Church in Cumbria

Conservation on LocationAbove: various restoration projects undertaken by our conservators, including painting treatments on location (left and right) and in our studio (centre)

Ensuring that all items and artworks are professionally assessed and preserved will not only benefit their own longevity, but the overall stability of a collection and their surroundings. Antiques and interior decorations, whether they are part of the building or removable, may require intervention to prevent any damage or contamination spreading further, as is the case for those which have been affected by mould, trapped moisture, soot, or a historic build up of dirt and debris.

Coat Of Arms RestorationAbove: the restoration of a coat of arms completed by our conservator, including varnish treatments and consolidation of an unstable paint layer

A collaborative approach to conservation

Our conservation team share a philosophy of maintaining the historical and artistic integrity of an artwork or item, whilst providing care that will both preserve the piece and restore visual impact. This includes the professional cleaning of artwork and items, reinstatement of broken or missing areas, consolidation of cracked or flaking paint, and overall condition treatments.

Collaborative ConservatorsAbove: our studio allows conservators of many disciplines and experience levels to work together on a multifaceted restoration project

Our studio environment offers the unique ability for conservators of different fields to collaborate and share ideas, leading to the best outcome and intervention for objects, artworks and furniture which may have a shared history. Specialists in our team can offer advice on future environmental concerns which can be taken into consideration during your architectural project. A collection of artwork, furniture or specialist items can be assessed with an understanding of their previous environment, with a view to eliminating any risks in their collective future. 

Restoration Studio DiscussionAbove: our team can discuss projects in detail to ensure the best outcome for the artwork and specialist items involved

Treatments in a tailored timeframe

Our helpful office team will liaise with you throughout the project, tailoring the work to suit your needs and timeline. As a company, we have also worked on time sensitive conservation projects, understanding the importance of working to a deadline to ensure that planned historic preservation can take place smoothly. 

Ceiling Angel PuttiAbove: a detail from a ceiling part way through an initial clean by our conservators, revealing the original colours

In some cases, conservation treatments can be performed on multiple items simultaneously, as our experts work alongside each other within a beneficial timeframe for your project. For example, a gilt frame can be restored alongside the artwork it holds, allowing them to be reunited in their best conditions. Collections of furniture can be restored in a single timeframe or in specific lots which parallel your workflow and budgetary requirements. 

Saint George Before AfterAbove: an oil painting depicting ‘St. George & The Dragon’ restored by our easel painting conservator

Previous projects and testimonials

We have over 35 years of experience in conservation and have worked with organisations including Church of England and National Trust. Projects which we have participated in include:

Ceiling mural restoration for Westonbirt School

Our conservators visited Westonbirt School to restore an important mural following a leak in the Grade I listed building. You can read more about this project and mural restoration here.

conservator working on westonbirt school ceiling restorationAbove: our conservator working on the ceiling of the oriel room at Westonbirt House

Artwork and frame conservation for Wreay Church

Our team worked with St. Mary’s Church in Wreay, Cumbria to restore an important painting of their founder Sarah Losh. You can watch a full video on this project and the interesting history which was discovered by clicking here.

Sarah Losh Church RestorationAbove: our team removing the portrait of Sarah Losh from display in the church so that she can be restored in our studio

Painting conservation with funds from the Historic Houses Foundation

Two paintings were restored for Iscoyd Park in North Wales, our team assisted in obtaining funding from the Historic Houses Foundation through professional assessments and documentation for the clients. You can read a full case study on their restoration here.

historic house portrait restorationAbove: a portrait from Iscoyd Park which was restored by our team with funding from the Historic Houses Foundation

Banksy mural conservation at Marble Arch for Westminster Council

As well as traditional paintings, our team is experienced in the conservation of street art and contemporary pieces. Over the years we have been involved in the preservation of many Banksy pieces, including the professional removal of murals to allow them to be displayed elsewhere and the maintenance of protective screens to lessen the risk of vandalism.

Marble Arch BanksyAbove: our conservator working on the Banksy mural at Marble Arch, one of many Banksy pieces protected by our team

Oil paintings restoration for the US Embassy in London

One of our experienced conservators restored paintings on site for the US Embassy in London, including portraits of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

US Embassy PortraitsAbove: our conservator cleaning two portraits at the US Embassy in London

Catholic painting restoration for Woldingham School in Surrey

We were contacted by Woldingham School in Surrey to restored their beloved Mater Admirabilis, an important artwork for their Sacred Heart school.

Woldingham SchoolAbove: the Mater Admirabilis restored by our team for Woldingham School in Surrey

Click here to read testimonials from our previous clients.

Artwork analysis and assessments 

Our team also specialises in the professional assessment of paintings, including scientific analysis of their construction with a view to gaining an insight into their history. This can be helpful in compiling historic records with a full understanding of an artwork for future generations. These services include:

condition reportAbove: an example of condition reports which can be produced for an item involved in a restoration project

Storage for historically important collections

Historically important artworks and items may require a safe environment to reside in during architectural intervention. Our studio offers a perfect location to keep artwork, furniture and specialist objects away from harm whilst integral treatments are performed on their building. As our studio is designed for conservation, our experts are able to meet the specific environmental needs an object may require – a consideration that a conventional storage facility may not provide. This ensures that all objects are returned with no damages or decline in stability.

Whilst artwork is being stored, it can also be assessed for any deterioration or contamination. Treatments can be performed during this period to provide care before they are returned to display.

clouet portrait restorationAbove: the restoration of a small François Clouet portrait completed by our team

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