As a lifestyle management consultant professional, your business encompasses many aspects which can be enhanced by our fine art specialists. Whether this involves working alongside clients during high value purchases or being on call following unfortunate damages or disasters, our team can offer their valuable experience. Our company includes client liaison specialists, art historical experts and conservation professionals, allowing us to add to the curated experience of any art collectors or enthusiasts you may have as clients. 

Restoration Studio DiscussionAbove: our specialist team collaborating to discuss the conservation treatments and logistics for artwork in our care

This article will cover the aspects which, as a lifestyle management consultant, you may want to consider for a future collaboration, our services cover not only restoration, but full assessments of collections, consultancy prior to auctions and sales, bespoke framing and installation, disaster response, professional storage and art handling. 

We can assist with both historic and contemporary pieces, including:

We also offer conservation for unusual objects and materials including mixed media, taxidermy and papier-mache, as well as memorabilia and collectibles. 

memorablia damage can be restoredAbove: as well as fine art, items of memorabilia and unusual objects can also be restored by our conservators

Professional conservation services in a tailored timeframe

All of our restoration treatments can be carried out to the specific requirements of your client, whether this is an assessment or condition report of an artwork, a light clean of the piece, or a full restoration plan. Dates can be discussed in advance to provide hassle-free logistics and swift assistance.

Virgin Mary Painting Before AfterAbove: an oil painting which was restored in our studio by one of our professional conservators

Restoration can be considered for the vast majority of damages, but our team can also offer risk assessments to avoid any issues occurring. This includes our team visiting the location of an artwork or collection to assess the environmental conditions and offer solutions for their safe preservation. 

Above: our oil painting and frame conservators working in our specialist studio

Our studio conducts condition reports on all manner of artworks for their records, as well as helping to discover more about their era and artist. You can read more about these assessments here.

condition report

Assessments for restoration, as well as quotations for conservation treatments, can be taken out prior to a purchase in an auction house or gallery. Our team can base this on photographs of the artwork or an on-site visit to give your client further information on the condition before the sale is completed.

hidden skull before and afterAbove: sometimes our assessments can find hidden features in a painting, such as this skull which had been covered up on a still life painting

Storage solutions, specialist removals and art handling

Typical removal companies may not be well acquainted with fine art and specialist items, which is why our conservators can step in to provide packaging, transportation and storage services with methods of a museum standard. Shipment advice can be provided, as well as the creation of made-to-measure crates and packaging. 

Extender Table RestorationAbove: furniture can also be restored by our specialists, this includes both antique and modern pieces of various materials

Storage within a conservation-approved environment can be provided, this will ensure that all manner of artwork or specialist contents are cared for by trained professionals, as well as fully insured with appropriate measures in place. Temperature and humidity controlled environments are important for artworks such as those on paper, which may not be possible in a standard storage facility. Our studio offers not only a secured environment, but close proximity to trained conservation staff who will regularly check conditions.

Mould Damage 18th century portraitAbove: artwork can also be treated for mould damage following historic or recent issues with high humidity conditions – this painting was completed in our studio

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