Ackergill Tower restoration saves 270 paintings

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In 2015, we were asked to visit the luxury hotel, Ackergill Tower, in the Scottish Highlands after a fire broke out in the Grade A listed 15th century castle. We were called to immediately assess the damage and formulate a plan for restoration. Although the fire had been contained away from the main building, the… Read more »

How to protect paper from damage

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Paper artworks such as watercolours, prints, photographs, posters and documents can be protected from harm with simple methods. This includes the correct atmosphere, protective non-acidic framing, and avoiding brightly lit areas that may have caused fading. Above: an antique engraving which has been affected by foxing, before and after restoration by our paper conservator  Find… Read more »

Common types of damage to watercolours

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A watercolour painting is one of the most sensitive genres of artwork, these delicate landscapes and portraits require professional conservation treatments following damage to ensure their safety. Above: a watercolour before and after restoration due to foxing and acidic discolouration  Watercolours can face drastic deterioration from humidity levels, sunlight exposure, accidents and household disasters such… Read more »

Repairing a tear in a watercolour

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Torn watercolours can be professionally restored with amazing results. Find out more in the video below featuring our ICON accredited paper conservator: How can we help? If you have a watercolour, print, document, letter, photograph, or any other item which has been affected by tears or deterioration, please reach out to our helpful team who… Read more »

Assessing the condition of watercolours

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It is always important to have a work on paper, such as watercolour, print, engraving or document, professionally assessed for hidden damage. Find out more in our video below: Get in touch with our team If you have any concerns about a paper artwork or document in your care, please contact our team for swift… Read more »

Painting damaged due to broken air-conditioning

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The painting by the Renaissance master Raphael is becoming more and more damaged due to the humidity in the gallery where it’s on display in Italy. This is due to the failure to repair a faulty air-conditioning unit. Due to the humidity and the temperatures, these paintings have been kept at, the paintings have begun… Read more »

£35M of artwork saved following fire

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About 20 firefighters battled the blaze at Ackergill Tower in Caithness and averted a “near catastrophe” by preventing it from spreading to the main building. The blaze broke out in the early hours of Sunday morning at the grade A-listed building. A member of the public alerted the fire service after smoke was seen coming… Read more »

How to restore your watercolour: the treatments

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Despite extensive damages, art on paper restoration and conservation can significantly improve the aesthetic and structural integrity of your watercolour and treatment can be carried out by trained professionals. How to clean your watercolour Accidents do happen and may result in stains on your watercolour. Maintaining a clean environment and reducing risks of spillage is… Read more »

Common problems that affect oil paintings

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The conservation and restoration of oil paintings is a complex practice which incorporates a wide range of treatments responding to the multiple issues that may have caused damages to your painting.  The heterogeneous layer structure which constructs the easel painting presents a variety of different materials increasing the complexity of treatment particularly due to the… Read more »

What is painting restoration?

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Painting restoration refers to a number of different treatments you can have on your painting to improve its aesthetics. These include: The removal of surface dirt, such as dust, soot and smoke The removal and replacement of aged, yellowed or discoloured varnish The replacement of missing sections of paint The repair of painting damage, such… Read more »

How to look after your painting

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Preventative measures can be taken to contribute to the safety and stability of your painting.  Safe practice includes regulating environmental factors and reducing the risks of mechanical damages. Dusty and dirty environments can cause damages to the painting, either by settling on the surface (and increasing acidity) or attracting further microbiological activity. Handling your painting… Read more »