According to Sotheby’s Institute of Art, only 5% of the world’s artworks will survive the next 100 years. It is a startling claim, causing concern for some art collectors, and disbelief in others.

On first reading, only 5% seems to be a disproportionately small number able to survive, taking into account the innumerable artworks around the world. When the requirements of conservation and collection care are taken into consideration, however, it starts to become possible that artwork without any ongoing work to conserve will face quicker destabilisation and decay.

The Institute of Art is a commanding voice in the art world, as the leader in art business education, so the warning should be heeded. Although 100 years seems like a long time away, conservation can begin at home with minimal effort, to deny any unnecessary decay.

The care of your collection of art should be a primary consideration once purchased. After the effort of acquiring an artwork, incorrectly storing and displaying it in your home can cause considerable issues in the future. We have compiled some advice on how you can best enjoy viewing your art collection, and begin conservation at home.

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