The artwork which we collect and the artwork which we receive over the course of our lives can hold precious memories and uphold the story of our family. 

When these paintings, ornaments and special objects become broken or begin to perish, we could find ourselves on the brink of losing them as a personal artefact. We could also see this happening to artwork which holds a central part in the lives of our loved ones, such as their favourite oil painting or lifelong collection of treasured ceramics. We might also find a new artwork which we’d love to gift, but it is in a deteriorated state and we’re unsure about whether it is in good enough condition to give.

Fortunately, restoration does not always have to be a personal project. It can be arranged for a loved one as a meaningful gift, one that could last for decades and preserve the most important pieces in their lives.

Gifting favourite artworks and family heirlooms

At Fine Art Restoration Company, we are happy to arrange all aspects of this work with you, if there is enough time and the option to be secretive, we can help you to have work restored discreetly in advance of a birthday or special occasion. 

If it is closer to the event, we can put arrangements in place for restoration after the date. This would allow your loved one to pick a collection time which works for them and give them the opportunity to receive updates about the work taking place by our conservation team. This way they can be involved in the project and see the transformation.

Framing and presentation

A new or restored frame can transform a piece of art. If you have an oil painting or work on paper which you would like to have presented in a new frame, we can provide a portfolio of choices to suit all tastes and decorating schemes. 

Our team of specialists can frame the work with conservation-grade methods to make sure that it will be preserved and safe for future generations. We can also place meaningful plaques onto an artwork, with an inscription of your choice. For artworks with damage or discolouration, our framing conservator can bring a damaged frame back to life.

Before and after image for giving restoration as a gift

Gifting new artworks 

If you have purchased a new artwork at auction, online or from a gallery, which you believe requires restoration work, you can send us photographs of the work for a quote and recommendations.

Our team can collect directly from the seller or auction house and have the conservation work completed within 6-8 weeks. 

To find out how we can help, please contact us.