Reviving Rubens: restoring altarpiece paintings for Farnborough Abbey

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During our conservation work throughout the United Kingdom, we often find ourselves in ecclesiastical settings such as historic churches and abbeys. The collections of art and items residing in these centuries-old establishments may be suffering in their own old age, as well as facing dangers from their years spent in candle-lit, similarly antique atmospheres. Our… Read more »

Auction houses: professional conservation as a sales tool

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Our team cares for a great multitude of items and artworks, including paintings, ceramics, furniture, paper, textiles, and memorabilia. This means that we frequently have contact with private clients and collectors across the United Kingdom with diverse and specialist items, as well as traditional pieces.  Above: our team discussing artworks in our care Customers often… Read more »

Hyperrealism restoration: caring for photorealistic contemporary paintings

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Whilst older artworks may face age-related vulnerabilities, their painterly style – that is the purposeful view of brushstrokes or impasto – can often hide a great array of old damages and alternations for centuries. By contrast, modern photorealistic paintings rely so heavily on their clear and smooth visual impact that even the slightest stain, dent… Read more »

A clear view: British landscape painting restoration

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From a bright day in the lake district to the clouded Scottish highlands, British landscape paintings can be diverse in their visual tone, often capturing idyllic conditions that inspire the imagination or memories of home. This precise and often clear style makes any distraction – such as tears, scratches, stains or overall discolouration – a… Read more »

Preserving careers in conservation: how can our interns benefit your restoration project?

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Conservation is a complex and challenging vocation that requires great artistic and scientific skill, this is why our team at Fine Art Restoration Company has always focused on the future of this prestigious career through our comprehensive conservation interns programme.  Every year our studio invites conservation students and recent graduates to join us in our… Read more »

Identifying Chippendale furniture: understanding the influence & design style of Thomas Chippendale

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As the most famous furniture designer of the 18th century and possibly ever since, Thomas Chippendale produced numerous designs reflecting the fashionable styles of the period. From grand rococo frills to strong neoclassical statements, it was Chippendale’s chairs that were of particular prominence, with their designs still being replicated today and originals being highly sought… Read more »

Mesmerising mezzotints: the restoration & safe display of antique prints

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Monochrome engravings, etchings, mezzotints and aquatints require specialist care and attention due to their high value and historic significance. With some antique engravings dating as far back as the 15th century, these delicate works on paper may have been stored and displayed in a variety of challenging environmental conditions. Now hundreds of years old, they… Read more »

Grandfather clock restoration: pendulums, cases & faces

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The longcase clock has been a popular feature in British homes since the late 17th century, becoming more affordable over the decades until no Victorian hallway was complete without one. These attractive antiques were both functional and decorative, serving as status symbols in middle and upper-class homes, often becoming a family heirloom due to their… Read more »

Martin Brothers stoneware conservation: restoring whimsical creatures and wally birds

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Pottery is often thought of as a practical material, in the creation of tableware and other useful vessels for the home. The creation of art pottery – that is pottery with a strong aesthetic purpose – began in the mid to late 19th century, with the production of singular items such as bowls and vases… Read more »

Art deco restoration: reviving artwork & designs from the roaring twenties

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From the turn of the century art, graphic design, architecture and interiors headed towards a theme of glamorous modernity. Art Deco items represented luxury and a confidence in the progress of technology and social enlightenment, emerging across all aspects of life from community buildings through to everyday objects in the home. Now reaching one hundred… Read more »

Botched art restorations: how would a professional restore these famous disasters?

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In recent years you may have noticed several news stories about botched art restorations, the most famous of these sparking both humour and debate about ethics and how best to protect historic paintings and sculptures. Many of these disasters could have been avoided if a professional conservator had been appointed, especially as many of the… Read more »

Masonic tracing board restoration: protecting and preserving Freemason art

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Art is an important feature for many masonic lodges, whether this is an oil painting or unique item which can aid the continuation of masonic studies, advancement ceremonies and rituals throughout the world. Masonic tracing boards are one of the most significant pieces of a lodge’s historic collection, but like many art forms they can… Read more »

City sculpture trail restoration: bringing life back to unique street art

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City sculpture trails have become popular street art attractions across the United Kingdom and across the world. Whether this is a colourful cow or favourite animated character, unique interpretations bring interest in tourism and can raise awareness and funds for charities at auction following their exhibition. Above: city sculpture trail sculptures using a fibreglass elephant… Read more »

Bronze sculpture restoration: history, craftsmanship & conservation care

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Bronze sculptures have existed globally for centuries, with the earliest examples dating back to 2500 BC. From small artworks and figurines through to life size statues and oversized extravagant displays of talent, bronze is unique in its ability to take in the finest of details from a cast, whilst having such strength in their structure… Read more »

Preserving military collections: professional restoration & protective displays

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Military collections in barracks and private ownership often consist of a wide range of materials from different eras, from the Napoleonic wars through to 21st century combat. Due to this, the conditions for display and signs of historic deterioration may vary, making collection care a task which requires many areas of expertise. Our multidisciplinary team… Read more »