Porcelain antique valuation: the maker’s marks, colours and styles of European ceramics

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Discovering how much your antique ceramics are worth can often be accomplished by analysing the materials, colour, finish and maker’s mark. This antique porcelain valuation guide will help you to establish the possible maker and era of treasured porcelain figurines, dishes and tea sets.  Porcelain varieties  Porcelain will be slightly translucent when held up to… Read more »

Rococo revival: restoring paintings, objects and interiors of the late baroque

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The rococo period is known for its extravagance, standing out as the crescendo of the baroque era before neoclassicism put an end to its unblushing display of affluence. From the pastoral scenes of Watteau to the ribband furniture of Thomas Chippendale, rococo can be found in all aspects of mid to late 18th century design. … Read more »

From Maiolica to William Morris: glazed pottery history, styles & restoration

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Tin-glazing is a popular pottery technique that is seen in many European ceramics such as Maiolica, Delftware and Faience. Introduced by the Moors as Hispano-Moresque ware, it was not until the 15th century that tin-glazed earthenware took hold as one of the leading forms of decorative art in the western world. It is this renaissance… Read more »

Golden imperfections: professional kintsugi restoration

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals, enhancing and elevating the importance of the damaged areas rather than hiding them. This deeply philosophical approach to restoration has a place in our studio as a time-honoured tradition, meaning that as well as conservation methods, our experts can also perform kintsugi upon… Read more »

Heraldic remembrance: funerary hatchment restoration

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In churches, manor houses and museums across the United Kingdom you may come across heraldic paintings with an antiquated yet fascinating purpose. Often ignored or simply blending in with the backdrop of a historic setting, funerary hatchments once served an important role in the mourning and remembrance of dead noblemen and women. The symbolism of… Read more »

Inscriptions on oil paintings: uncovering & preserving text details

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Our clients always want to discover more about the history of their painting, whether this is through technical analysis or the uncovering of an artist’s signature during restoration. Whilst some artworks have a title or inscription on their frame, many historic portraits will list the title and status of their sitter on the canvas itself. … Read more »

Gilded reflections: antique mirror frame restoration & care

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Decorative antique mirrors are a statement piece for modern interiors, reminiscent of the baroque and rococo periods and historic grandeur. From the swirling ribbons of Chippendale designs to the natural curves of Art Nouveau, gilded frames can be highly valuable and much sought after depending on their provenance and visual appeal.  The historic nature of… Read more »

Electronic preservation: digital restoration of important photographs

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Photographs can be vitally important as both personal and historical artefacts, capturing the faces of loved ones and ancestors as well as famous figures and significant events over the course of the 20th century. However, this modern medium does not always face the test of time well and may encounter devastating damage that cannot always… Read more »

Meissen’s white gold: protecting and restoring valuable porcelain

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Due to the ability to turn inexpensive minerals into highly valuable objects, early porcelain was seen as white gold. Today the value of these ceramics, especially early and rare examples, can reach phenomenal prices at auction. Meissen is the leading name in this area of the art market, with rococo figurines and decorative objects reflective… Read more »

Fascinating flora: botanical illustration care & restoration

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Botanical illustrations recording natural history are a popular and important art form, with original plates and reprints of historic watercolours used for both scientific and decorative purposes. These works on paper can often be fragile due to their medium and age, requiring specific atmospheric conditions, specialist framing and professional conservation treatments to ensure their longevity. … Read more »