Famous artists from Wales

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Welcome to the latest edition of our regional artists series. This week we are heading to Wales to explore the history and influence of Welsh artists. If you are interested in learning more about British artists, please see our previous articles on Cumbria, Scotland, Kent, Cornwall and The Cotswolds. Above: a watercolour landscape of Chepstow… Read more »

Shin-hanga: restoring woodblock prints of the early 20th century

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Whilst ukiyo-e flourished for centuries in a commercial Japanese market, the opening of world trade at the turn of the 20th century saw new audiences for traditional prints – a westernised movement that would become known as shin-hanga.  Above: shin-hanga prints by Komori Soseki, Ito Sozan, Yoshikawa-Kenjiro Kanpô, Hiroshi Yoshida, Yamakawa Shuho, Ohara Koson and… Read more »

The Grand Tour: restoring the painted souvenirs of 18th century Venice and beyond

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Many of the oil paintings we come across in our studio are well-known scenes from some of Europe’s most historic towns and cities. For their current owner, they may inspire nostalgia for a favourite place, which is not unlike the original reason for their creation. Whilst we may think of souvenirs today as being fairly… Read more »

Recline in style: the history, upholstery and restoration of antique sofas 

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Long before the advent of television and the everyday inclusion of a sofa in every living room, these large and richly designed chairs were exclusively owned by a privileged few. As centuries went by, the obtainability of furniture to recline upon (and the luxury to do so) became evermore accessible and by the 1950s, no… Read more »

Japanese lacquerware: the techniques and restoration of traditional Asian antiques

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The distinctive style of Japanese lacquerware can be found on a wide variety of antiques, from cabinets and tables to clothing accessories. Whether the item is authentic or inspired by Edo patterns, many lacquer antiques will require professional restoration due to their sensitive surface and historic materials. Above: a selection of lacquer antiques including an… Read more »

Mary Magdalene with an Ointment Jar: the history and restoration of a 16th century Netherlandish panel

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The age of a painting can often be part of its appeal, allowing us to own part of history and appreciate the ever evolving ideas of art. Whilst many antique paintings may seem to portray a rather straightforward image or story, beneath the surface there are often complex messages and allegories to be found. Similarly,… Read more »

Conservation curiosities: antique busts

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This week’s conservation curiosity are sculptural antique busts. This classical form of portraiture has allowed famous faces from Julius Caesar to Queen Victoria to be recorded in three-dimensional splendour.  Above: a selection of antique busts including a terracotta Bacchante by Rodin, an early 16th century Julius Caesar, a marble bust by Augustin Pajou, Denis Diderot… Read more »