Satire and Social Class: exploring secular wall paintings of the middle ages with Maya Sajnani

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My name is Maya Sajnani and I am a graduating student at the University of St Andrews. I study art history, and I have a particular interest in medieval material culture in addition to English painting of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.  My approach has always been interdisciplinary with a strong focus on… Read more »

Antique enamelware: caring for enamel porcelain, miniatures and more

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Enamelling is an appealing feature of decorative ceramics, trinkets and snuff boxes, whether it is found glazed upon a white clock face or expertly applied in bright colours. Enamel is a versatile material, often used to create texture as well as forming unique patterns and finishes. Above: different forms of enamel decoration With time, this… Read more »

Mother of Pearl: the history and restoration of iridescent decoration

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One of the most admired decorative materials in the world is nacre, more commonly known as mother of pearl. This shining, rainbow-toned surface can be found in furniture, jewellery and mixed media artworks as far back as ancient Egypt, later flourishing as a commercial artisanal product in India. You will find mother of pearl inlaid into… Read more »

Famous artists from Wales

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Welcome to the latest edition of our regional artists series. This week we are heading to Wales to explore the history and influence of Welsh artists. If you are interested in learning more about British artists, please see our previous articles on Cumbria, Scotland, Kent, Cornwall and The Cotswolds. Above: a watercolour landscape of Chepstow… Read more »

Shin-hanga: restoring woodblock prints of the early 20th century

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Whilst ukiyo-e flourished for centuries in a commercial Japanese market, the opening of world trade at the turn of the 20th century saw new audiences for traditional prints – a westernised movement that would become known as shin-hanga.  Above: shin-hanga prints by Komori Soseki, Ito Sozan, Yoshikawa-Kenjiro Kanpô, Hiroshi Yoshida, Yamakawa Shuho, Ohara Koson and… Read more »