Silverfish are a common pest capable of damaging paper artworks and documents. They can frequently be found in households around the United Kingdom.

Holes in watercolour in need of restorationAbove: paper which has been partially eaten by pests

Learn more about silverfish from our ICON accredited paper conservator, including the ways in which this type of damage can be prevented and restored:

These small insects can live in most conditions, but particularly enjoy the dark and damp areas in a home such as in-built cupboards, attics, basements and bathrooms. They eat paper because this is an essential part of their starch diet, causing holes and losses on watercolours, prints, wallpaper and photographs.

How can we help?

If you have a watercolour, print, document, letter, photograph, or any other item which has been affected by silverfish, please reach out to our helpful team who will be happy to assist further.

To make contact please email us via [email protected] or call 0207 112 7576