Our team is experienced in providing support for the application of grants and heritage funding. We encourage the collaboration of foundations and charitable schemes that may help to alleviate the cost of conservation, making it an accessible pursuit for all artworks, interiors and decorative items of national and local importance. 

Oil paintings heritage fundingAbove: two oil paintings before and after conservation work by our team

We can provide the following to assist in your application for funding:

  • In-depth condition reports for paintings, decorative objects and interiors
  • Conservation treatment proposals 
  • Technical and historical information to support a proposal
  • Pricing that clearly reflects each necessary stage of the restoration process
Cleaning CeilingAbove: our team working on a nicotine stained ceiling fresco

Over the course of their life, historic contents have usually faced a multitude of challenges in their environment. Typical issues we discover include a build-up of fireplace smoke and discolouration, nicotine staining, water and moisture damage, and age-related deterioration. Some of these issues may not be visible to the untrained eye, hiding the original colours of an oil painting or the true appearance of a fresco.

Historic wallpaper Above: a piece of historic wallpaper before and after preservation by our team

Our conservators are experts in various fields, including oil paintings, paper, furniture, murals, interior decoration, ceramics and gilding. Whether you have a diverse collection in need of conservation, or a particular artwork in mind, we can restore items in-situ or arrange for them to be safely transported to one of our specialist studios. Previously, our team has successfully removed complex and challenging artworks, as well as completing work on site for ceilings, fireplace tiles and wall paintings. 

Henry VIIIAbove: a portrait of Henry VIII before and after restoration by our easel painting and frame conservators 

If you have a historic building that is undergoing major restoration work, we can also offer climate controlled storage for your contents. This is overseen by our conservators to ensure each and every item is professionally cared for. During this storage period, we can clean and restore items in preparation for their return.

Applying gold leafAbove: our team includes gold leaf specialists for gilt frames and interior decoration 

We have a previous case study that details our involvement with the Historic Houses Foundation here. Below we have listed several groups that offer grants and funding options for conservation work. 

Historic England Grant Schemes

For individuals, local authorities or organisations managing a historic building or site. Grants support the repair of buildings, acquisitions, research and historic environments.

Historic Houses Foundation

For individuals and organisations that own a historic building. Grants support the repair of buildings as well as the conservation, maintenance and restoration of art and objects of outstanding artistic, scientific and historic interest.

The Pilgrim Trust

Typically supporting smaller charities with less access to resources. Grants are available to preserve historic collections, objects, artefacts, works of art, ephemera, manuscripts and museum objects.

Robert Adam ceilingAbove: our conservator working on a Robert Adam ceiling in Mayfair

Charles Hayward Foundation

Supporting any UK registered charity with an annual income of more than £350,000. Grants for the conservation and preservation of pictures, manuscripts, books and objects for public display, use and interest.

Wolfson Foundation

For sites of outstanding historic, architectural and cultural significance and that have a clear emphasis on public access and engagement. Grants for the conservation of historic buildings, landscapes and collections.

St Andrews Conservation Trust

Applications from Somerset and adjacent counties including South Wales are preferred, but there is no absolute geographical restriction. The work must be carried out by a person or firm with accepted experience. Previous grants include the conservation of monuments, hatchments, wall paintings and textiles.

Woodmansterne Art Conservation Awards

Supporting the conservation of pre 20th century oil paintings. Applications are accepted from museums, art galleries, and buildings open to the public.

Porcelain gongAbove: unusual items such as a gong or porcelain egg cup can also be sensitively restored by our conservators 

Kress Foundation

Supporting art conservation, typically European works of art from antiquity to the early 19th century. Available to non-profit institutions that have 501(c)3 status in the United States, including European institutions that have obtained recognition of exemption from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Tru Vue Conservation Scheme

Grants to protect and conserve an object or objects already on display in order to reduce physical contact by members of the public or to enable an object that is not currently on display to be conserved and presented to visitors in a safe way.

Collections Care Stimulus Fund

Looking for projects that focus on implementing preventive conservation measures, undertaking remedial conservation or undertaking digitisation.

Heritage Fund Directory 

This is a database of many conservation funding opportunities and specific foundations.

If you would like to discuss your conservation and restoration requirements with a member of our team, we are happy to assist you in a grant application to achieve funding. Speak to one of our specialists today via telephone 0207 112 7576 or email [email protected] 

Water damaged watercolourAbove: a water damaged nautical watercolour before and after restoration by our conservators
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