Sometimes we receive an item into the studio that is so wonderfully unusual, we can’t wait to share the results of restoration. Such was the case recently when we welcomed a papier-mâché tiger.

Although the tiger was rather large, it had unfortunately lost in a battle against our client’s puppy. The tiger’s nose had been well chewed, and there was a large proportion of it missing.

We are well equipped to deal with a variety of unique and complex cases, and we were pleased to be able to assist our client and make the tiger whole again.

Papier mache tiger


Aside from the obvious damage to the nose, the tiger was in otherwise good shape and required no other repairs.

We had a request from our client however, asking our team to assess the tiger once in the studio to see if it would be possible to stain the faded colour. The colour on the tiger used to be vibrant but had dimmed over time.

Our team assessed as requested, and ascertained that it could be successfully colour-stained to revert it to its original form.

We began the restoration by cleaning the tiger to remove any dirt. It was especially important to ensure that the damaged area was cleaned and no contaminants remained.

Thankfully, our client had been able to provide us with a photograph of how the tiger had originally looked and so we were able to use this knowledge to assist in replicating the losses.

After cleaning, we continued by recreating the losses to the facial area of the tiger. This was very careful work, and the losses were built back up in stages.

Once the new materials were secure and fully stable, we could then retouch the tiger. This was a very unique piece to retouch because of the notable markings. The lost paint detailing was carefully re-applied and matched as closely as possible to the original. Some of the tiger’s whiskers had also been damaged, and so we found a suitable replacement for these and fixed them to the nose.

While referring closely to the original photograph, our team carefully colour matched the suitable pigments ready for staining the tiger. This was very carefully done so the tiger looked more like his original self.

Our client was delighted with the outcome of the restoration. The restoration was very sensitively completed and it isn’t possible to tell that there had ever been any damage.

We were very pleased to be able to assist and deliver the tiger back home in one piece.

If you have an item in need of repair, please contact us for our no-obligation help.

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