Episode 1 – Oil Painting: Varnish Removal

Water damaged oil painting portrait before and after restoration

Varnish removal is one of the most common features in oil painting restoration, as it often takes place before any other treatment can be undertaken. 

Find out why varnish removal is vital to a seamless restoration, what causes historic varnish to decay, the hidden risks discoloured varnish might be holding, and how our team of conservators use specialist techniques to restore this.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The hidden dangers of discoloured varnish
  • Why a varnish removal is required before further restoration treatments
  • The history and science behind oil painting varnish

Episode 2 – Frame Restoration

Conservator adding moulding to a picture frame

A frame shares a close connection with its artwork, protecting a frame will in turn protect what it holds. Preserving and restoring a frame requires specialist knowledge and has its own area of expertise in fine art restoration.

Find out how to look after a frame following water and fire damage, as well as accidental breakages, and see how our experts are able to fully restore lost or broken parts.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to act when a frame is met with fire, water or accidental damage
  • How conservators are able to restore damaged areas
  • What to look out for when protecting a frame and its artwork

Episode 3 – Oil Painting: Smoke and Soot Damage

restoration insights header smoke

This episode focuses on what happens to an oil painting after fire damage or prolonged exposure to atmospheric contaminants such as smoke and nicotine. 

Find out how our conservators are able to clear the harmful layers of these harmful elements without disturbing the original painting, as well as what to do when faced with this type of damage.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What to do when faced with smoke and soot damaged oil paintings and frames
  • How our conservators are able to restore smoke damage
  • The hidden dangers within smoke, nicotine and discoloured paintings

Episode 4 – Persian Rug Restoration

persian rug after restoration

Persian rugs are their own art form and often have a high monetary value. This episode covers the history of these unique textiles, alongside the various dangers they face.

Find out about the artistry of Persian rugs and what happens when they are exposed to issues such as an escape of water. See how our textiles conservators are able to restore damage and learn top tips on how to protect these precious antiques.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What to do when faced with a water damaged rug
  • The history, artistry and value of Persian rugs
  • How to protect Persian rugs from a variety of dangers

Episode 5 – Oil Painting: Tear Restoration

Before, during and after of damaged oil painting of girl

A torn or punctured painting may seem devastating, but our team of conservators are able to seamlessly restore these damaged pieces with specialist techniques.

Find out how paintings receive tears, as well as how to avoid this type of damage. See how our team is able to fully restore a torn oil painting with remarkable results.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The process of restoring a torn oil painting
  • How to avoid a torn oil painting 
  • How to handle and act when faced with a torn oil painting

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