Historic Brighton ceiling restoration

Murals may become damaged or discoloured over time, most often from contamination or an escape of water in the structure of the building. Our trained team is able to professionally and sensitively restore historic and modern murals, as well as any surrounding decorative features.

As well as work with private clients, we have played a key role in preserving artworks and items of cultural value to the public, including projects completed for The American Embassy in London, The Church of England, and restoration funded by the Historic Houses Foundation.

Past projects include the restoration of an 18th century Robert Adam ceiling for Crockfords Casino in Mayfair, the rescue of a 19th century mural at Westonbirt House following an escape of water and removal of historic staining on the painted ceiling of a historic Brighton townhouse. 

Westonbirt house ceiling

Crockfords ceiling

Ceiling nicotine stain

Professional documentation can be provided by our experienced conservators, including scientific analysis of artworks. This can be helpful in compiling historic records, it may also provide further insight into their unique historical composition.

Painting analysis services include:

Conservation treatments and assessments can be provided on site. Our team is experienced in having a swift response to disasters when high value and historically important murals are at risk, whether this is through private arrangement or with the liaison of an insurance firm.

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You don’t really own old family paintings, you are merely a custodian, so having them restored can be a nerve-racking experience. That why I went with an expert team I could trust to restore a painting that is very dear to my heart. The restoration is superb and my family will continue to enjoy the results for generations to come.

I really appreciate the restoration and framing and framing you did for me. The result is very pleasing and I am sure that it will look terrific in the Royal Dragoon Guards Museum in York.

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