Ceramic Ladies Repair

It all starts with you getting in touch, whether by calling our team on 0207 112 7576, sending an email or completing the form below. We will take a look at your photographs and get in touch should we require any further information.

The details will be passed on to our specialist conservators who will prepare a preliminary report and suggestions for the restoration along with costings. In some cases, it may be necessary to see the damaged item first hand, in which case you can bring the item or send the damaged item to one of our studios (by recorded delivery). Alternatively, we have our own artwork collection and delivery service, where our trained handlers will personally carefully package and transport the item back to our studio for a thorough assessment.

Once you are happy to go ahead, we will clean the piece to remove any dirt and contaminants, this also helps with seeing the original colour for any parts that need replacing.

Depending on the material that the item is made from, we use a variety of bonding materials to affix the broken pieces and also fill in any missing sections. This can include tiny fingers, flowers etc. on figurines.

Once the bonding materials have dried or cured, we then carefully colour match the repair to the existing finish and decorations, apply an appropriate varnish to match the existing finish, and then replace any gilding if necessary.

Most repairs are invisible, but once repaired the item should only be used for display purposes.
Just send your photos and details using the form below and we will make a no obligation preliminary assessment for you

Ceramic Restoration

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