Broken ceramics packaging and instructions Broken ceramics packaging and instructions

Collect all the broken pieces. Try to avoid touching the edges as not only may they be sharp but to avoid any grease and contamination from your hands. Place all the pieces on a clean, unpatterned surface, and take photographs, this will help us make a preliminary assessment and provide you with a guide price.

Then, either wrap in cling film or place in clean plastic bags. This will keep the broken edges clean and minimise the risk of contamination from dust. Then place into a box and protect with bubble wrap, tissue paper or polystyrene. Keeping the edges clean makes an invisible mend much more achievable.

Depending on the value of the piece, we do not recommend attempting to repair the piece yourself, as many commercially available types of glue will not provide an invisible mend, may stain and result in a costly treatment for removal and subsequent repair.
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