Oil Painting Cleaner

For over thirty years we have been manufacturing our own special blend of oil painting cleaning fluid. This artwork cleaner is unique as it is the only oil painting restoration product that can be safely used by anyone. You don’t have to be a professional art restorer and have years of restoration experience to use it.

Initially we created this product for our museum and church clients, it was a straightforward way for untrained staff to clean and protect the oil paintings under their care. Over time the popularity and reputation of the cleaner has spread and we now supply it to thousands of private individuals and institutions worldwide.

The primary benefits are:

  • Cleanses surface from dirt, replacing soap and water which will damage oil paintings.
  • Does not attack the varnish or old paint surfaces.
  • Revives old varnish that has become dull.
  • Leaves a protective finish more lasting than any known varnish.
  • Permanently removes bloom from varnish.
  • Dulls an excessively shiny varnish.
  • Dries at once and never leaves a sticky surface.
  • Does not darken or lose its transparency or brilliance.

I have just used the cleaner I bought from you and the result is amazing – so much detail brought to life and so much dirt removed!
Thanks very much for the product and your support.


£39.99 + £3.99 shipping – we ship worldwide

How to use our professional oil painting cleaner

to clean your painting

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