oil painting damage that can. be repaired

To see how we can help, please see the range of damage we are able to restore by clicking on the genre of your artwork below:

Paintings including:

  • oil paintings
  • acrylic paintings
  • mixed media artwork
  • on canvas
  • on panel
  • murals

Click here to find out more about the damage on paintings we can restore

watercolour damage montage

Works on paper including:

  • watercolours
  • prints
  • maps
  • posters
  • documents
  • photographs
  • lithographs
  • engravings
  • woodblock prints
  • ink drawings
  • pencil drawings
  • book pages
  • pastel drawings
  • other works on paper and card

Click here to find out more about the damage on works on paper we can restore

ceramic damage montage

Ceramics and sculptures including:

  • fine china
  • sculptures
  • statues
  • figurines
  • cups and mugs
  • relief
  • cameo
  • Lladro
  • Meissen
  • Royal Doulton
  • terracotta
  • ivory
  • busts
  • plates
  • ornaments

Click here to find out more about the damage to ceramics we can restore

furniture damage

Furniture including:

  • antique furniture
  • vintage furniture
  • upholstery
  • woven furniture
  • household objects

Click here to find out more about the damage to furniture we can restore

textile damage that can be repaired

Textiles including:

  • historic and vintage costume
  • silk prints
  • tapestries
  • textile artwork
  • other textiles

frame damage restoration

Frames including:

  • gilding
  • mirrors
  • antique frames
  • vintage frames
  • other frames

memorablia damage can be restored

Memorabilia and specialist items including:

  • signed posters
  • autographed artwork
  • figurines
  • action figure packaging
  • sporting items
  • costumes
  • film prop
  • military items
  • collectibles
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How much will my restoration cost?

  1. I've been told my picture needs lining, what does that mean?

    We always make sure our clients understand the recommendations we are making to them, however, if you have been told your painting requires lining or relining it means the addition of a second canvas to a weakened original, to provide reinforcement and stability to an artwork.

    To find out more read our blog here about lining.

  2. There's mould on my oil painting, can it be removed?

    Yes, an oil painting that has been stored in a damp area, been subject to water damage or fluctuating temperatures can grow mould which can affect the surface of the painting and cause damage. Our team will treat the mould to stop it from spreading and then repair the damage caused.

  3. The oil paint on my picture is cracking, flaking and falling off, can it be fixed?

    Yes, first of all, avoid pressure or touching the surface, if possible keep the painting flat. Our conservators can consolidate the paint layer by applying localised adhesive with heat and pressure to secure the flaking paint layers. If required, we can fill missing areas and retouch to match the texture and colours of the painting.

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