Episode 1 – Oil painting assessment

Conservator assessing artwork

Knowing how to properly assess an oil painting will help to prevent damage and decay. In this video, we share what to look out for when analysing an oil painting for early warning signs. 

Find out how to prevent damage from occurring through environmental factors, accidental damage and historic decay, as well as learning how to act quickly in order to prevent escalating restoration costs.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The early warning signs of oil painting damage and deterioration
  • How to prevent avoidable damage from occurring
  • How to reduce restoration costs by quickly spotting a disturbed oil painting

Run time: 13 minutes

Episode 2 – Flaking and cracking paint restoration

Flaky oil painting

When a painting begins to crack or flake away from the canvas, it may seem devastating. However, there are ways to restore this type of damage and our conservators are skilled in providing a full restoration of such deterioration. In this video, you will see the amazing results which can be achieved by our conservation team. 

Find out how this type of damage occurs, how to prevent it from deteriorating further, and which methods can be used to professionally restore a painting with loose or missing areas.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why cracks and flaking might occur on a painting
  • How to act when faced with flaking or cracking paintings
  • The methods which can be used to fully restore an artwork with paint loss

Run time: 10 minutes

Episode 3 – Work on paper assessment

works on paper for restoration

Paper is a very fragile material that is susceptible to many types of environmental or accidental damage. Learning how to spot early warning signs will help to prevent the loss of such artworks and lower any restoration costs. 

Find out about the different types of artwork that you might find on paper and many factors which may put these valuable pieces at high risk of decay.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The different types of damage which a work on paper might face
  • How to reduce the risk of damage or deterioration
  • How to act when faced with a damaged work on paper

Run time: 9 minutes

Episode 4 – Maps and cartography restoration

maps montage

Maps are some of the most intriguing works on paper, creating wide appeal at auction and evocative talking points when on display. We have restored several maps and this video shares the story behind 3 fascinating pieces, from 17th-century views of England and Wales to a map used at the Yalta conference of 1945. 

Find out more about the types of cartography that exist and how to prevent damage from occurring to them, as well as the restoration process which can bring them back to life.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The restoration processes available for maps and cartography
  • The types of maps and cartography which you may come across
  • The early signs of damage to look out for to reduce restoration costs

Run time: 9.5 minutes

Episode 5 – Works on paper : water damage

Before and after restoration of boat watercolour with acid staining

When paper meets water it is put at extremely high risk of total decay. Knowing how to act when faced with water damaged paper will help to minimise deterioration and the levels of damage that might occur.

Find out how to ensure the safety of paper which has met water, as well as witnessing the excellent results which can be achieved by our conservation team.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to prevent water damage from occurring
  • How to act quickly when faced with a water damaged work on paper
  • An insight into the delicate process of restoring water damaged paper

Run time: 7.5 minutes

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