Veneer, Marquetry and Inlay Repairs and Restoration

Whether to repair a burn, a bubbled surface or replacing a missing marquetry pattern, we can match wood veneers from all timber species from period stock or new. We can also repair and replace all types of inlay and stringing including mother of pearl, shell, metals, horn, ivory, tortoiseshell and bone. In conjunction with our upholstery team, we can also replace, gilt or blind tool and colour match skivers or leather desk and table linings.

Veneer Repairs, Marquetry and Inlay Restoration

Marquetry is a specialism of the team, so if your item has missing parts they can match almost any wood and pattern either with new woods or period stock. Damage from burns, relaying lifting and bubbled veneers are also easily rectified.

Inlays are easily damaged and can become loose, our clever craftsman will secure and replace all types of inlay including wood, mother of pearl, metals, , ivory, shell and tortoiseshell.

Desks, tables and writing slopes with leather or skiver tops can be easily damaged. We can replace with blind or gold leaf embossing and tooling to the edges.

We also have an expert logistics team ready to collect and deliver back your piece of furniture from your home to our studio. They are fully insured and will ensure it arrives safely with no further damage.

To find out how we can help repair your piece of furniture, just complete the form below for a no obligation quotation.

How much will my furniture restoration cost?

Veneer, Marquetry and Inlay Repair and Restoration FAQs

Q. There are parts missing from my marquetry design, can it be fixed?

Yes, we carry a large stock of veneers and inlays including new and period stock. Our talented craftsmen will match the existing design, wood and finish so it’ll look like its always been there.

Q. What's the difference between marquetry and inlays?

Marquetry is when veneers of wood, metal, mother or pearl etc are inlaid into a wood surface to form a design. An inlay is the actual material put within a different material to make a decoration.

Q. Can you repair my leather topped desk?

Of course, we have a range of skivers and leather available to the team, they can even be hand dyed to match other items if necessary. The newly fitted leather can then be blind or gold leafed embossed and tooled on the edges.

Q. Are bone inlays in furniture real bone?

Yes, they are made from real discarded animal bones.

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