Oil on Panel Restoration

We regularly restore oil paintings on panel, using an extensive range of conservation methods to stabilise and repair the painting.


The accumulation of dirt, dust and grime can lead to oil paintings needing significant cleaning. Tobacco and smoke residue can also contribute to a layer of dirt settling over the painting.

Old varnish layers perish and turn yellow over time leading to discolouration of the paintwork surface. The old varnish can be safely removed in the studio and replaced with conservation grade non-yellowing varnish.

Depending on whether the painting needs a light, or more intensive professional solvent based clean, the removal of surface dirt and contaminants can achieve remarkable results.

Cracking in panels

If a panel is knocked or suffers damage, consequential problems such as warping or cracking of the panel can arise.

We can fully stabilise the artwork by filling areas that have developed cracks or holes caused by a heavy impact with another object.

For any areas that are filled, we will also sympathetically colour match and retouch to provide a uniform finish consistent with the artwork.

As with mending tears in canvas paintings, the result of fixing cracks and holes in panel paintings will be an invisible repair.

Cracked and lost paint

Over time, oil paint exposed to poor environmental conditions can become dry, causing cracks and losses to appear.

In the studio, flaking paint can be successfully treated by mixing a thermoplastic consolidant with water, and injecting it underneath the flaking paint. It is then heated with a hot spatula and re-adhered on to the panel support. Lost pigments can be sampled and matched so the restoration is invisible.

Cracked areas of paint can be treated using a conditioning process which minimises the risks of future lifting.

How much will my artwork restoration cost?

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