Furniture Repairs

From structural furniture repairs including loose joints and broken drawer runners, re-carving of missing areas, beading or mouldings, accurate replacement of a lost caster or handle or replacement of broken panes of glass in display cabinets, our antique furniture repair team will ensure each repair is in keeping with the rest of the item.

Antique Furniture Repairs

Loose joints can cause long term damage and eventually can cause the furniture to collapse, our team is on hand to repair the issue to ensure the stability of the piece, whether it’s a shaky chair leg, a wobbly drawer front or a drooping hinge. They can even recreate missing parts, in the style of the existing, such as handles, hinges and feet which can all be aged to blend with the rest of the piece of furniture.

If the finish to your piece of furniture is in need of repair from cup rings, scratches or missing decorative details our team can strip back part or the whole surface and polish to give a seamless finish. See our Polishing and Finishing pages for details on French polishing, oil and wax treatments and other finishes.

Marquetry is a specialism of the team, so if your item has missing parts they can match almost any wood and pattern either with new woods or period stock.

The furniture team work in conjunction with our textile team so repairs to upholstery, replacing strings, caning and rushing of seats can all be undertaken.

We also have an expert logistics team ready to collect and deliver back your piece of furniture from your home to our studio. They are fully insured and will ensure it arrives safely with no further damage.

To find out how we can help repair your piece of furniture, just complete the form below for a no obligation quotation.

How much will my furniture restoration cost?

Furniture Repair FAQs

Q. Can you stop my furniture from wobbling?

Yes, we can easily fix this common problem, one of our furniture team will track down all the parts which are loose or broken and causing the wobble. Often bolts or joints have become loose when the weight of a person adds stress and weakens the joint.Fixed properly the item will be strong and provide support for years to come.

Q. How can I replace a missing handle?

Our skilled craftsmen can often source period handles, hinges, castors and feet, should it not be possible to locate the missing item then we can recreate the missing part from new materials and age it to match the rest of the piece.  

Q. How can I remove a cup ring from wood?

Our team at the Fine Art Restoration Company have a host of tricks and techniques depending on the type of wood and the extent of the damage, that they can use to make the ugly mark disappear.

Q. Help, my woven cane chair is broken, how can I fix it?

Whether your chair or furniture is fitted with modern cords, Danish cord, cane, seagrass or natural or fibre rush, our team are experts in matching existing designs and patterns, then applying aging to the item so that it blends seamlessly with other panels or pieces.

Q. Can a missing marquetry design be fixed or replaced?

Our marquetry specialists can recreate the most intricate or simple designs to match with existing patterns using all timber species from period or new stock. If necessary, they can apply aging to match the new wood with the existing finish.

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