We have a wide and varied choice of frames available to suit any period of artwork and budget. The frame you select will provide structural support and complement your artwork.

For added touches of authenticity, the frame can feature period moulding, decoration and corner design, and hand carving to replicate traditional profiles. Our archives contain a wide range of traditional profiles and mouldings that can be size-matched to your artwork.

The finish applied to the frames includes gilt, silver gilt and water-gilding with 23.5 carat leaf. This can be hand-patinated and aged to match any period.

Framing Options

We have many years of experience in framing paintings and provide valuable advice on the most suitable frame for your artwork. We also offer a digital design service showing your artwork in the frame prior to purchase.

If you have the requirement for a new frame or would simply like to find out more about the options available please contact us on 0207 112 7576 or fill in our form.


We only use specialist acid-free museum mount, mat and backing boards, as well as tapes and adhesives, they are pH neutral and will not damage your artwork.

Adding a mount to works on paper or watercolours create depth and will enhance your artwork. It also provides space between the artwork and the glass. Mount and mat boards are available in a variety of colours.


Glazing protects your artwork from air pollutants, dust, moisture, temperature changes and physical damage. UV protective glass will further protect your artwork from ageing and being damaged or faded by blocking direct and indirect sunlight. The Tru Vue Museum Glass ® is anti-reflective and halts 99% of UV rays, ensuring that your painting can be displayed safely in any room.

Framing Options

  1. Why use acid-free boards and tapes?

    We only use mount board that are pH neutral and will not damage your artwork.

    Artwork ages when it’s exposed to UV light but can also occur due to acidic tapes, mounts and backing boards. Often the artwork will start browning and stain due to contact with the inappropriate framing materials.

  2. I'm not sure which picture frame to choose, what do I do?

    Think about the colours in the room the artwork will be displayed in, are there other framed pictures? do you have other gold, silver or wood items? The answers to these questions may give you some ideas. Still stuck? speak to our framing team they can offer valuable advice and can even provide you with a digital mock-up of the artwork in the frame.

  3. Do I have to use UV museum glass?

    It all depends on the environment the artwork will be displayed in, if your room is bright and sunny we would advise using TruVue Museum Glass to protect your watercolour or work on paper.

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