Antique Furniture & Textile Restoration

Alongside our art restoration services, we also provide antique furniture and textile restoration for our clients.

Everyday living can cause accidental damage and wear and tear from continued usage over the years to more specific incidents, including insect infestation and disaster recovery. Working on-site at certain properties is a huge advantage for certain furniture and textile cases.

Our specialist restorers are able to address these common issues and specific problems that arise from owning antique furniture and textiles, including tables, bureaus, rugs, carpets, wallpaper and curtains.


Items of furniture regularly used are subject to the risk of damage. Tables, wooden or upholstered chairs, and bureaus are among the types of furniture we regularly repair. More specialist work including the restoration of clocks, chandeliers and antique deed boxes, can be undertaken in the studio.

Structural issues will first be addressed to bring stability to the item. Examples include disassembling unsafe chair legs to replace the joints, and remoulding and carving missing areas of wooden furniture, such as a chip in a table.

For furniture with damaged or torn upholstery, its current condition will be assessed and either mended and reattached, or reupholstered.

The varnish layer of a piece of furniture can be stripped or part-stripped to remove scuffed surfaces. Work will be completed to revive the patina, and polished as a final step.

Where there is insect damage in wooden materials, such as woodworm or termites, furniture can be effectively decontaminated and safely treated in the studio.

For any furniture that needs to be restored on site, we can attend the property to assess the items, and provide our recommendations through a written conservation report. Once this initial assessment has been made, we will provide the necessary equipment, tools, and resources, to work on these items in situ.

Alongside our art restoration services, we also provide fine furniture and textile restoration for our clients

Textile Restoration

Torn or faded material wallpaper is treated using similar methods to paper conservation, including using liquid paper pulp for filling and intouching of faded areas of colour.

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