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Q. What's in the Oil Painting Cleaner box?

The box contains a 120ml jar of our Professional Oil Painting Cleaner, 30 cotton pads and a pair of protective gloves.

Q. What size picture will the Oil Painting Cleaner kit clean?

We suggest a medium sized picture approximately 30″ x 24″ (762mm x 610mm), but it all depends on the amount of cleaning it will require as more dirt or a highly textured finish will need more cleaning.

Q. Can I use Oil Painting Cleaner if my painting is flaking?

If your painting has flaking paint or any damage we do not recommend using the Oil Painting Cleaner Kit. The damage and flaking paint will need to be professionally repaired to preserve the artwork, the process will include a thorough clean as well, please visit our oil painting restoration section for more information.

Q. Do I need any special protection?

The kit comes with a pair of latex-free gloves. It is suggested that you use the cleaner in a well-ventilated room and wear eye protection to avoid any unexpected splashes. Make sure the surface you place the painting on is protected with plastic sheeting or newspaper. Dispose of the used cleaning pads carefully. Always wash your hands after use.

Q. I've used up all the pads, can I use anything else?

A lint-free or microfibre cloth or a soft bristled brush can be used.

Q. Why doesn't my picture look as clean as I'd hoped?

Sometimes the results may not be as you expected. If the painting still looks dark or discoloured this can be due to yellowed varnish or the dirt being under the varnish layer. In order to bring back the paintings original colours, the varnish will need to be removed by a professional restorer. For information about our professional services please see our oil painting section.

Q. How much is shipping to other countries?

The cost of shipping is just £3.99 to anywhere in the world.

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