At Fine Art Restoration Company we have a diverse team of experts who can preserve and restore a wide range of materials. This not only covers traditional artworks and antiques, but valuable interior elements and specialist items.

Can you restore marble and granite surfaces?

Yes, our ceramics experts can restore a multitude of materials from traditional stone to mixed media designs. 

Granite KitchenAbove: a kitchen work surface with a vase of flowers, this area is prone to scratches from everyday use

The specialist restoration techniques which our ceramics conservator can perform on antiques and sculptural work may also be applied on modern and contemporary interiors. Although it may not always seem typical of conservation, this does include marble and granite surfaces, as these materials are often high value and share the same need for expert levels of care as that of important porcelain artworks. 

Granite and Marble Restoration ExamplesAbove: a selection of marble varieties, both marble artworks and marble interiors can be professionally cleaned and restored by our team

Which type of surface damage can be restored?

In many cases the damage to hard surfaces comes from accidental occurrences, such as a heavy object falling from height, or disruption during home renovations and removals. Breakages and chips may also occur due to everyday use, where a small gap in the stone is put under pressure from daily activities and slowly becomes more noticeable over time. A fault in manufacturing may also lead to issues further down the line, with weak areas succumbing to their instability in design. 

Chemicals MarbleAbove: amateaur cleaning techniques may lead to damage from chemicals, make sure that intense cleaning is only carried out by a professional service

Anything from small chips and scratches, to large areas of cracking and broken pieces can be fully restored. This can be achieved through the readhering of lost areas or the recreation of new pieces which are carefully colour matched to the original stone. 

Marble Staining RestorationAbove: marble can begin to stain over time, in some cases this can be lifted and the visual disturbance can be lessened with professional techniques 

How can marble and granite be restored?

Our conservators are highly trained in their approach and can treat such surfaces in the same way they would protect a valuable antique. They will assess the entire piece for vulnerabilities and then look at the breakage itself. 

The broken area will be professionally cleaned to ensure there is no contamination in the crevices. A conservation-appropriate solution will be used to readhere any original or new parts, this gives back stability to the piece and is non-yellowing and non-acidic (unlike household glues which may cause further damage to stone). 

The restored areas can be colour matched to reach as seamless a result as possible. Our conservators have been able to achieve remarkable results following this type of restoration. 

Granite RestorationAbove: an example of restoration work carried out by our team – the damaged surface (left), a smoothed area created (centre) and the filled and colour-matched restoration (right)

What is the value in restoring a surface?

Often the full replacement of a work surface – whether this is granite, marble, porcelain or an unusual material – can be a high cost project which causes major disruption to the home. Instead, the focused restoration of a crack or chipped area can be isolated to the exact damage with a localised treatment.

Therefore, conservation treatments can provide a fast and cost-effective way to resolve damage without facing mounting costs and a full renovation.

Marble Top Table RestorationAbove: a table with marble top, this can be restored rather than replaced

How can we help?

If you have a granite or marble surface which you would like to be assessed for vulnerabilities or damaged areas, our team is always happy to provide swift and professional care. 

To get in touch please email us via [email protected] or call 0207 112 7576.

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