On 2nd June 2015 at Christie’s Mayfair, an exhibition started titled Reflections of The Self: Durer to Struth. This is an exhibition displaying the history and the evolution of the self-portrait from the 1400s.

Cristian Albu and Jacob Uecker curated the exhibit that shows over 70 works of art produced by over 50 artists. It shows different methods that artists have used to depict themselves using a wide range of methods such as painting and sculpting.

In this day and age, self-portraits have taken on a whole new meaning with the use of camera phones and the internet. Never before have we been able to document our self image as easily and show it to so many people so freely.

The works displayed in this exhibition will not only outline the tradition of self-portrait’s most important icons but will also display some unexpected comparisons. The mass 1960’s self-portraits of Andy Warhol makes an interesting point of contrast for Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for Portraits.

Not only will there be paintings and photography, but there will be 3D representations of the self such as the sculpture of Dame Barbara Hepworth’s hand.