One of the most common types of enquiries we receive in the studio is for items that have been damaged in transit.

Whether that enquiry originates from a client who has moved their artworks to a different address, or for a gallery owner who was preparing to show fragile ceramic pieces for an exhibition, unfortunately, damage can occur at any point in the moving process.

In the majority of these cases, it is only discovered after it has been delivered and unpacked.

If your artwork, furniture, textiles, ceramics or antiques have been damaged in transit, it is understandably an unexpectedly stressful time.

We’ve set out some advice below to help guide you through the next steps you can take.

1.) Take photographs of the damaged or broken item. It is important to do so for your own records and if you are making a claim through your insurance company.

2.) Place the items in a safe and dry place. Carefully gather all loose pieces and keep them with the item to assist with the future restoration. If you have a painting protected by glass, which is now broken, do not remove the glass. Wrap the painting in a blanket or protective material and keep flat.

3.) For further advice on artworks, you can read our article, 8 Ways to Secure Your Painting Before Restoration, for comprehensive advice on keeping them safe.

4.) For ceramic items, see our handy guide on How To Deal With A Breakage

5.) Contact us for our no-obligation recommendations and quote. If you are able to send photographs of the damaged items, along with their dimensions and a brief explanation we will be able to immediately help you. Please see our contact page for details of how to get in touch.

We can liaise with insurance companies and loss adjusters on your behalf, to mitigate the stress of the situation and, if you are a business owner, to ensure that any interruption is minimised.

If you would like to seek our services for any future safe, secure and insured transportation of your items, please see Artwork Transportation for more details.

If you would like our recommendations and quote for restoring your items, please get in touch on our Contact Us page.