How do I flatten my watercolour?

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Creases may be caused by accidental damage or improper storage. Treatment may include “drumming” on to Japanese paper to flatten the paper. Undulations, effectively bumps and bulges in the painting, may be caused by raised humidity and due to the hygroscopic properties of paper (water absorbent), controlling the humidity can help prevent the initial structural… Read more »

Common damage to watercolour paintings

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Watercolour paintings and works on paper are inherently fragile items. The challenges they face can be therefore quite different to more robust oil paintings on canvas and panel. There is, however, always a solution to the problems that they face. Whether a watercolour has foxing, or a map is torn, professional conservation can rectify these… Read more »

Mould in oil paintings

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Preventative measures can help protect against mould which becomes prevalent when relative humidity is raised above 55%; when the temperature is around 20 degrees celsius and in darkness. In response, to fight off infestation it is recommended for the environment to be controlled, for the relative humidity to be maintained below 55%, for the environment… Read more »

Common problems that affect oil paintings

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The conservation and restoration of oil paintings is a complex practice which incorporates a wide range of treatments responding to the multiple issues that may have caused damages to your painting.  The heterogeneous layer structure which constructs the easel painting presents a variety of different materials increasing the complexity of treatment particularly due to the… Read more »

Restoring oil paintings

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What is painting restoration? Painting restoration refers to a number of different treatments you can have on your painting to improve its aesthetics. These include: The removal of surface dirt, such as dust, soot and smoke The removal and replacement of aged, yellowed or discoloured varnish The replacement of missing sections of paint The repair… Read more »

How to look after your painting

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Preventative measures can be taken to contribute to the safety and stability of your painting.  Safe practice includes regulating environmental factors and reducing the risks of mechanical damages. Dusty and dirty environments can cause damages to the painting, either by settling on the surface (and increasing acidity) or attracting further microbiological activity. Handling your painting… Read more »