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Our logistics team are now providing contactless collections and deliveries.

We monitor our driver’s health as well as wear and regularly change PPE.

On arrival, they will ring the doorbell, and step away to a two metre distance.

We ask that the item is then placed on the doorstep.

Once the client has closed the door, the driver will then take the item to the van and wrap it securely for its journey to our studio.

If your client is self-isolating and expecting a collection or delivery please let us know beforehand.



A collection note will be emailed to ensure there is no contact.



All our vehicles are regularly wiped down and disinfected.

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We have eight self-contained conservation studios, allowing each member of the team to maintain social distancing. They each have their own tools, equipment and chemicals so can work easily without risking contact with other members of the team. Our conservators health is monitored and they wear custom-fitted masks and change gloves regularly to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

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Once a piece of artwork is received at the studio, it is always handled with gloves and assessed and photographed in detail by a member of the conservation team, this information is entered into our “cloud” based system so that the project manager can provide our recommendations.

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It’s business as usual, with some of our team are working from home to allow the office-based staff to form a bubble. The studios are open, if you would like to collect or drop off an item but it will be by appointment only.

Because all our information and data is stored securely in the “cloud”, it means all team members can work safely providing the same high standards of customer service you are used to when they were all office-based.

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Once the go-ahead has been given for restoration, our conservators provide any information they discover and any halfway photographs to the project managers so they can inform the clients of the progress.


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or an enquiry.

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