13 is an unlucky number for many people. Unfortunately for one of our clients, this proved all too true when her fragile pottery figure was smashed into 13 pieces.

The figure was accidentally knocked while our client was at home. Despite the substantial damage and multiple breakages, it was still possible to repair the figure. Not only that – it would also be an entirely seamless repair.  We advised our client that she wouldn’t be able to tell that the piece had ever been damaged – take a look at how we restored this piece and see the finished result for yourself…


Once the figure arrived in the studio, our ceramic conservator made an assessment of the figure. Luckily, our client was able to gather all of the broken pieces so no new substantial parts would need to be created. We cleaned each of the thirteen parts to remove any surface contaminants and ensure no dirt or dust was trapped in the joins or any of the pieces. The broken pieces were then re-adhered securely back together, with only minor missing fragments needing to be re-created. Re-adhering broken pieces back together is a time-consuming process to ensure that each piece is successfully dried before it can be moved through the next stage of the process. Minor pigment matching and retouching were also required to blend in the repairs. The results of this seamless restoration speak for itself. There are no marks or cracks left – achieving a result where it looks as if no damage ever occurred is always our objective.


Our client was absolutely delighted with the result and we were very pleased to restore such a unique item and allow it to be safely enjoyed at home once again.

For further insight into the restoration of ceramics, you can read our advice on how to deal with a breakage, learn more about the ceramic restoration process, or contact us if you would like our recommendations and a quote for your own items.