In 2015, we were asked to visit the luxury hotel, Ackergill Tower, in the Scottish Highlands after a fire broke out in the Grade A listed 15th century castle. We were called to immediately assess the damage and formulate a plan for restoration.

Although the fire had been contained away from the main building, the castle had been filled with smoke and water from the fire service and consequently, 270 paintings were damaged.


  • Assess the damage at the castle and agree an evacuation plan.
  • Create an inventory, pack and transport all 270 damaged objects.
  • Establish values and cleaning costs for each item.
  • Decontaminate and clean all 270 objects.
  • Provide climate-controlled, secure storage at our studio for the cleaned items.
  • Decontaminate and clean the property.
  • On-site conservators treated fire, water and smoke damage in larger objects and the property.
  • Following the cleaning of the property, return and re-house all objects.


  • Four months after the fire, the castle and contents were fully restored and returned.
  • Significant reduction on insurance claim.
  • The property was opened again to the public and business could resume