Setting sail: a voyage of nautical painting conservation 

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The ocean has always inspired the imagination, creating ideas of the great unknown, the power of nature, and the possibilities for exploration and domination. Nautical themes in oil paintings may commemorate naval battles, embellish metaphorical ideas, form the backdrop to grand mythological scenes, or simply capture the beauty of a seascape. With so many possibilities… Read more »

Banksy on paper: protecting contemporary prints

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For the last decade, the renowned yet mysterious street artist Banksy has continued to grow in popularity. And whilst his influential murals are central to his artform, their location and complexity in ownership make them hard for a collector to obtain. Therefore, the market for Banksy prints is stronger than ever, with numbered pieces often… Read more »

Japanese woodblock conservation: specialist methods for distinctive prints

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Japanese woodblock prints are highly collectable, they are prized for their unique and appealing style, as well as their long history which dates back over a thousand years. When traditional woodblock prints, also known as mokuhanga, face damage or deterioration, they require a specialist conservator who is experienced in this area. Above: a detail from… Read more »